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Customer Service

Found a problem? We'd like to hear about it.
If you have any comments towards our product, service and website information, please contact with us by email to "feedback@sanwapearl.com.hk".


1) Is all man-made opal the same quality ?
No, there are different kinds of man-made opal in market and their quality could be in big difference.

Recently, there is a new man-made plastic opal in market and due to its high resin composition with approx. 80%, this plastic opal has a serious color changed problem.

To protect customers benefits, we would like customers to check the product very carefully whether it is a plastic opal or not.
For your better understanding, the following pictures show how the color of plastic opal will be changed under the engineering condition as same as sun shinning and lighting at the laboratory.

SANWA will never sell products with quality problem and thus, please be aware of this "plastic opal" as some customers thought these are in same quality to our opal.

If you would like to get more information about this, please contact with us as soon as possible.

2) Can I use synthetic opal for glass design ?
You cannot use "Synthetic opal with resin" for glass design.
If you are looking for glass compatible product, please inquire for "Synthetic opal with no resin".

3) Will synthetic opal damage under jewelry plating ?
No, our synthetic opal can go through normal procedure of jewelry plating. Please be reminded that the temperature should not over 130 degree C.

4) How to place an order?
We do not offer online shopping at this moment. Please kindly send us your order through email: inquiry@sanwapearl.com.hk or use the message form in contact page.

When using the message form, please make sure your email address is correct to avoid any delay in response.

Our staff will take care of your order within 2 working days. If you could not receive our reply within 2 working days, please contact with us immediately by call.

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